Sunday, April 19, 2009

Joy Ride2: Dead Ahead

Joy Ride2: Dead Ahead (2008) Four out of five stars.
Hitchhiking has never been more dangerous. The plot of this movie is simple. Never piss of a truck driver. A group of friends become stranded and they take a car that doesn’t belong to them planning to return it. Unfortunately the owner is a not so understanding serial killer slash truck driver named Rusty nails. He puts them through task after task to retrieve their kidnapped friend.

Nicki Aycox as Melissa
Nick Zano as Bobby
Kyle Schmid as Nik
Laura Jordan as Kayla
Mark Gibbon as Rusty Nail
Krystal Vrba as Lot Lizard
Kathryn Kirkpatrick as Big Wheels Waitress
Rob Carpenter as Trucker #1
Gordon Tipple as Trucker #2
Rebecca Davis as Woman Stuck in Snow
Daniel Boileau as Bald Trucker
Lyle St. Goddard as Goofy Looking Truck Driver
Mackenzie Gray as Bartender
Sean Tyson as Drunk Trucker #1
Chris Kalhoon as Drunk Trucker #2

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rise of the Dead (2007)

Rise of the Dead (2007) 3.5 of 5 stars
A string of murders plagues a small town. It seems that the dead have come back to seek revenge on the living. As the story unfolds a woman named Laura Childs played by Erin Wilk finds friends family and complete strangers attacking her one after one. She begins to investigate details of her childs adoption looking for a way to stop his vengeance.

Emily Ackerman as Barbara Clemens
Dani Baker as Waitress
Peter Blitzer as Sheriff Brown
Brooke Delaney as Sally Sherman
Steve Downer as Doctor
Chris Ferry as Deputy Greer
Jack Gordon as Cade
Michael Grenier as Laura's Boss
Chris Lavelle as Rick's Friend
Greg Levitre as Orderly
Jamie Lewis as Rick's Girlfriend
Jason Madera as Sam Fulton
Vickie Myers as Catherine Myers
Patrick Pope as Sam Sherman
Danny Ray as Possessed Man
Matt Regney as Rick Gerber
Stephen Seidel as Jack Walther
Doug Sobon as Hank Clemens
Anna Vukovic as Psychiatrist
Daniel Wedig as Warden
Jaime Whitlock as Amber West

Erin Wilk as Laura Childs

Shutter (2008)

Shutter (2008) 3.5 out of 5 stars
A young couple get’s married. Ben played by Joshua Jackson is a photographer and Jane played by Rachael Taylor is his new bride. On the way to their honeymoon the couple hits a girl in the middle of the road. They call the authorities but he girl is not found.
The honeymoon is cut short for Bens work in Tokyo. Meanwhile Jane can’t stop thinking about the young girl and remains uneasy. The couple moves into their new home but the girl haunts Jane in her dreams and in photos. Ben’s assistant introduces Jane to her brother who teaches her about spirit photos. These photos capture images of spirits that surround the living. A bizarre series of events prompts them to search for the truth which in turn takes them down a terrifying path.

Joshua Jackson as Benjamin Shaw
Rachael Taylor as Jane Shaw
Megumi Okina as Megumi Tanaka
David Denman as Bruno
John Hensley as Adam
Maya Hazen as Seiko Nakamura
James Kyson Lee as Ritsuo
Yoshiko Miyazaki as Akiko
Kei Yamamoto as Murase
Daisy Betts as Natasha
Adrienne Pickering as Megan
Pascal Morineau as Wedding Photographer
Masaki Ota as Police Officer #1
Heideru Tatsuo as Police Officer #2
Eri Otoguro as Yoko

Friday, April 17, 2009

Knowing (2009)

Tag Line:
Knowing is Everything.

As part of a school project a class buries a time capsule that is to be dug up in fifty years. Each student is to draw their personal view of what the future will hold. One student however draws not picture but a strange series of numbers. The child, interrupted before being able to complete the list, disappears into the basement of the school. She's later found scratching a final series of numbers into a door until her fingers bleed.

Skip ahead 50 years and it's time for the capsule to be unburied. John Koestler played by Nicolas Cage is the widowed father of a young boy who is trying to balance raising his child as a single father and his work as a professor at MIT. He has lost his faith and ponders the the theory determinism versos the random nature of the universe. Is everything predetermined by an all knowing being or is it the result of Darwinism the lucky accidents of random mutation?

After the retrieval of the time capsule from it's 50 year old tomb each of the children receives a picture drawn by another child, but one is different. John Koestler finds that the letter his son received has a special mystery about it. Upon examining the letter he begins to realize that it describes terrible events from the last 50 years including the tragedy on 911. It also describes three events that have not yet occurred.

John Koestler confides in his best friend who tries to dismiss the letter as random and suggest that John is assigning meaning to random gibberish. Very quickly the next event slams him in the face with the reality that lie before him.

Now John must reconsider his faith and decide whether the future is written in stone or if it's fluid. Further he must decide whether this is a warning to him. Meanwhile faceless characters seem to be stalking him and his son. Now his test of faith becomes a test to save his son and possibly the world.

The movie does not fail to entertain with a nice mix of Sci-fi, religion, mystery, and special effects. All in all I'll award this film four and a half stars.

Nicolas Cage as John Koestler
Chandler Canterbury as Caleb Koestler
Rose Byrne as Diana Wayland
D.G. Maloney as The Stranger
Lara Robinson as Lucinda Embry / Abby Wayland
Nadia Townsend as Grace Koestler
Alan Hopgood as Rev. Koestler
Adrienne Pickering as Allison
Joshua Long as Younger Caleb
Danielle Carter as Miss Taylor (1959)
Alethea McGrath as Miss Taylor (2009)
David Lennie as Principal Clark (1959)
Tamara Donnellan as Lucinda's Mother
Travis Waite as Lucinda's Father
Ben Mendelsohn as Phil Beckman