Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rise of the Dead (2007)

Rise of the Dead (2007) 3.5 of 5 stars
A string of murders plagues a small town. It seems that the dead have come back to seek revenge on the living. As the story unfolds a woman named Laura Childs played by Erin Wilk finds friends family and complete strangers attacking her one after one. She begins to investigate details of her childs adoption looking for a way to stop his vengeance.

Emily Ackerman as Barbara Clemens
Dani Baker as Waitress
Peter Blitzer as Sheriff Brown
Brooke Delaney as Sally Sherman
Steve Downer as Doctor
Chris Ferry as Deputy Greer
Jack Gordon as Cade
Michael Grenier as Laura's Boss
Chris Lavelle as Rick's Friend
Greg Levitre as Orderly
Jamie Lewis as Rick's Girlfriend
Jason Madera as Sam Fulton
Vickie Myers as Catherine Myers
Patrick Pope as Sam Sherman
Danny Ray as Possessed Man
Matt Regney as Rick Gerber
Stephen Seidel as Jack Walther
Doug Sobon as Hank Clemens
Anna Vukovic as Psychiatrist
Daniel Wedig as Warden
Jaime Whitlock as Amber West

Erin Wilk as Laura Childs

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